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Port 12345?

Anyone knows what port 12345TCP is used for and which OSes are
vulnerable? (my guess is w9x) I'm getting portscanned every now and
the on this specific port. Other (known) ports are 31337UDP Back Orifice,
20034 NetBus Pro etc. but which one is corresponding to 12345?

Ports being attacked the last year (some more than once):
1TCP: tcpmux
79TCP: finger
119TCP: nntp
143TCP: imap2
161UDP: snmp
1524TCP: ingreslock
12345TCP: ??
20034TCP: Netbus Pro
31337UDP: Back Orifice

Note: I am on a dial-up connection. For you with fixed network access,
how often do this happen, a few times a day?

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