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Re: cvs - howto? (aviplay)

Michael Mertins wrote:
> I'm very interested in the development of avifile.
> Now I heard it's going on and is updated by 'cvs'. How can I use it on my
> Debianbox? Do I need a package to get it all started?
> Btw: Is anyone going to build deb-packages of avifile?

CVS = Concurrent Versioning System

This is used by programmers to continuously maintain a working
version of the software as they work on it.  If the program is
only available in CVS, then there have been no releases, and
so the software is "pre-alpha," which means it's probably
awfully unstable. If you are only up to installing from deb
packages, you'll probably find this extremely frustrating.

It's basically one step harder than installing from source:
i.e. installing from source _with_ _bugs_. :)

I have done this only for software I was actively involved
with, and it isn't really that much fun.  Stick to releases
if you have the option (this means you may have to wait
for them to make a release).  Debian packages usually
follow only after a release has been made. I understand
that one of their lists can be used to post a "request
for package" or "RFP" you might want to look for that
(I haven't used that though).

Terry Hancock

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