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Re: raid 5 partition table example

On Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 12:34:58AM -0600, Matt Fair wrote:
> If you use raid 5 would you want to also have separate partitions for
> /home, /usr, etc. ?
> If so, what would be the best way to partition them?
> If you have done this, could you show me your partition table?  I have
> only been able to find a partition table for raid 2.
> I have 3 10 Gig hard drives I would like to put into a raid array.

To run RAID 5, you must have 3 or more disk drives. You can partition
these drives how you like, but it makes sense to have equal sized 
partitions on the 3 drives. You combine 1 partition from each drive
into an raid set. It dows not make sense to include two partitions
from one device in a raid set.

I have an empty machine right beside me here, with 4 x 30 Gig.
I plan to divide each into 6 partitions with 5 Gig on each. 
Same size on each gives me som freedom to copy back and forth.In addition
I will have a small partition of 20 MB or so for /boot. I make
this on each drive too, just to make them equal. I plan to install the
full system on a single 5 Gig first. Then I will set up a raid5 set
on 4x5gig. On other partitions i might try striping or mirroring
or both. If raid 5 works well, I will try to install the complete
system on raid. The raid software must be availlable early in the
boot process. Someone has done it, don't know how yet.

I would not bother with swap partitions if you have 128MB or more
on you machine. You can always add swap later.

Johan Ur Riise
90 15 77 78

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