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Re: Java and XWindows questions

Gary Mueller wrote:
> Hi,
>     I'm running Debian Linux 2.2.14-timesys with the RT extensions.
> I've downloaded
> Java JDK1.3 for Linux.  Documentation says it was tested on RedHat Linux
> (no
> mention of Debian).  When I try on run javac (the Java compiler), I get
> an error
> saying the library libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2 could not be found.  This
> library is not
> on the system anywhere.  Where can I download this library?  Does this
> version
> of Java work on Debian Linux?

I installed JDK1.3 from:

put the following line in your sources.list, and apt-get update; apt-get
install ...
deb ftp://ftp.progsoc.uts.edu.au/pub/linux/java potato non-free

I only downloaded it myself a few days ago, and I haven't had time yet
to play with it, so I don't know for certain if it works... but it is
built for potato, so I don't see why it wouldn't work.


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