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Re: Does unsubscribing from this list really work?

be sure your mail client(s) send plain text email, i once had a user
emailing me(as admin of some small mailing lists) he could not get on, i
saw the output from the mail server and his mail had al kinds of
crap(html or something) that was confusing the mailer. if possible use
the method at the end of all the debian-user emails to
subscribe/unsubscribe(or use the web interface?? havent tried that
myself) or be sure to turn off any extras int he mail client ..

btw, maybe you should get a better email account, your isp said your
mailbox is disabled ;)


Ringo De Smet wrote:
> Hello,
> I once needed the listmaster intervention to subscribe myself. I tried
> to unsubscribe myself temporarily but neither through mail or web is it
> possible to unsubscribe myself.
> Question to the listmasters: does the subscription/unsubscription
> mechanism for debian-user really work?
> Note: this is not a plea to unsubscribe me, but a plea to check the
> (un)subscription mechanism.
> Note 2: I only have problems with debian-user. All the other Debian
> lists I have been on listened correctly on my mails to
> debian-<list>-request@lists.debian.org.
> Ringo
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