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Re: Java and XWindows questions

Hi. I don't know about your first question about Java. I downloaded the Blackdown Java SDK 1.3 from blackdown.org and it works fine in Woody. As for XWindows, it sounds like you don't know the correct Vertical and Horizontal Sync Frequencies of the display on your laptop. In my experience, 95% of the time that I couldn't get X to work it was because I was giving it wrong Vertical and Horizontal Sync Frequencies. You should be able to get these from your manual or from IBM. Hope this helps a little. -Jeff

Gary Mueller wrote:

    I'm running Debian Linux 2.2.14-timesys with the RT extensions.
I've downloaded
Java JDK1.3 for Linux.  Documentation says it was tested on RedHat Linux
mention of Debian).  When I try on run javac (the Java compiler), I get
an error
saying the library libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2 could not be found.  This
library is not
on the system anywhere.  Where can I download this library?  Does this
of Java work on Debian Linux?

    Another problem-- I can't seem to find the correct config parameters
XF86config to configure my IBM ThinkPad 560E for XWindows.  All I know
what I read in the user's manual, (Super VGA, 800x600 resolution), and
seems to work.  Do you know the parameters to configure the IBM ThinkPad
or where I can get them?  XWindows does not come up.

    Thanks for your help,

    Janet Borzuchowski


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