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Re: Harddisk controller

> Hi everybody!
> I've got a problem with my new computer, which has a Promise Ultra 100
> harddisk-controller built in. My debian 2.2 Distribution doesn't recognize it, so I
> can't use the harddrive. I've got some kernel Patches for Red-Hat which were
> delivered witch the machine. So now i wonder how i can get this working. I have linux
> already running on another computer. Should I try to patch the kernel from my debian
> system, and try to boot with this one from a floppy, and then start the
> CD-installation? I hope anyone can help me.
> Thanks.
> Mathias
I have the same problem, haven't tried anything yet. But I think the right
place to look is at: www.linux-ide.org (Linux ATA Development)
Look under patches for your kernel. The debian 2.2 ships with a 2.2.17
kernel and their is a patch for this kernel. I have heard about someone
got it working with a 2.4.0-t6 kernel, but that is not stable, but a
dev. kernel. So one way could be to patch your 2.2.17 kernel to 2.4.0-t6
and supply the ata kernel patch for 2.4.0-t6.

If you want to boot from the cd-rom you'll have to move the harddisk plug
directly to the main board. The cd-rom won't boot if theres no driver

Haven't tried all of the above, but its worth it. If you do please let
us know the result!


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