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Re: Harddisk controller

> > I've got a problem with my new computer, which has a Promise 
Ultra 100
> > harddisk-controller built in. My debian 2.2 Distribution doesn't 
recognize it, so I
> > can't use the harddrive. I've got some kernel Patches for Red-Hat 
which were

Take a look at www.linuxnewbie.org and look for an NHF (newbieized 
help file) on ATA-66 this will tell you how to work out the memory 
range for your promise controller. Then to install debian all you 
will need to do is type the following at the initial boot screen 

linux ide2=0x9400,0x9002,10

your numbers may vary, the third number is the irq. If your board is 
an ASUS A7V then these numbers are probably correct as this is the 
board I use. 
Once you have installed, you will need to boot the same way otherwise 
the drive won't be found. Once you have booted you can put this line 
in the lilo.conf file and run lilo as root to have it work 


To use the secondary controller you will need an ide3=.... with 
(obviously) different mem/irq values.


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