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Re: Can't view web pages with Konquorer

I had the exact same problem when I first installed KDE 2.0.  I tracked
the problem down to a missing /usr/lib/libkhtml.la file.  That file is
supposed to be created by libtool at buildtime (?) but was not.  This
may or may not be a bug with the Debian KDE packages.  I did not check
nor did I file a bug report.  I may try a clean KDE 2 install and see if
that file is still missing.

I was able to construct a suitable file by hand (it is just a text file)
using other KDE 2 .la files as reference.  I'm going to mail it to the
original poster off-list to avoid cluttering this place.  If anybody
else wants it, let me know.


On Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 01:32:44PM -0500, tim wrote:
> Verified that I have no problem reaching the web pages and can view them just fine with mozilla.
> Here is the error.
> ************
> Could not create view for text/html
> Check your installation
> ************
> -Tim.
> P.S. I like Konquorer, cause its small.

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