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Re: dpkg -l

rp <rlopes@ipb.pt> wrote:
>Hi. Does someone knows if it is possible to show disk space taken by 
>some packages in a similar way to dpkg -l output?
>This would make life easier to users who do not have unlimited disk space ;)

It's in the status file, so, with the grep-dctrl package:

  [cjw44@riva ~]$ grep-status -nsInstalled-Size -PX xfree86-common

... for example. You could get something like 'dpkg -l' output using
this (very quickly hacked-up) command:

  grep-status -nsInstalled-Size,Package -rFInstalled-Size . | \
    perl -e 'while(<>) { chomp; print "$_\t" . <>; <>; }' | sort -n


Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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