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Problems adding styles to Lyx...


	I am having a strange problem with Lyx. I have installed some local packages 
for Latex (IEEE styles...) and after running texhash, latex is able to use 
them without problem, but Lyx does not find them. I have re-run reconfigure in 
Lyx and re-started it, but it still does not see the package. I have installed 
it under '/usr/share/texmf.local/tex/latex/', following the 'TEXMFLOCAL = 
/usr/share/texmf.local' variable in texmf.cnf... and latex reacts correctly, 
but not Lyx. The only way to see it from Lyx is by installing it under 
'/usr/share/texmf/tex/latex', the default place of the latex packages... Has 
someone experimented the same problem? I mean, I can easily install it there, 
but I wonder why it does not work as expected!!

Thanks in advance!!


Ignacio Más Ivars
Department of Teleinformatics - Royal Institute of Technology (KTH/IT)
Electrum, 204  S-164 40 KISTA (Sweden)
Office phone: +46 8 7521497
Office fax: +46 8 7511793
E-mail: nacho@it.kth.se

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