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offtopic - confused about the voodoo 5 development


i've been doing a lot of reading about the voodoo 5 card, and can see
there's a lot of confusion and chaos out there.  unfortunately, the only
definitive source of info is very imprecise in their choice of words, making
things even more confusing. 

according to linux.3dfx.com, there is a voodoo5 driver for linux.  it seems
to indicate that this driver is only for xfree86 4.0, since you must have

1. is that correct?

the website says that hardware antialiasing and SLI are not supported yet,
but will be in the future.  that's ok.

the website also says that glide apps like myth II or UT won't work with the
voodoo5 driver.  that is NOT ok.  amazingly, it doesn't say if glide support
is planned for the future.

2. is glide support for the voodoo5 planned for the future?

the website also says that mesa 2.* games, like quake II, won't work with the
voodoo5 driver.  this is NOT ok either.

3. is this planned for the future?

4. it sounds like just about the only 3d game that will run on the voodoo5 is
   quake 3.  is that right?

5. is there any official or unofficial time frame for the voodoo5 driver to be

6. 3dfx says it open sourced the specs and drivers for the voodoo 1, 2 and 3.
   doesn't say anything about the 4 and 5.  are these boards also being open

7. is there a time frame for the beta voodoo3 dri drivers to be finished?
   i've been reading that they're under development for almost a year now.

greatly appreciate some clarification!  thanks!


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