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Re: Modem info needed...???

	Hi Larry,

	I'm owner of Pavilion 8550 with the same crap as you. I also took off that "board" with any unpleasant result.

	The Rockwell is also a soundcard which is pretty uncompatible with SoundBlaster, which was another reason to remove it and leave it waiting for better days... So the CD-ROM connection is just for playing audio CDs. As far as I remember, there is also a cable that goes to a TV cable (more or less). No problem at all if you remove it. I connected a vulgar US Robotics to a COM there and connected without trouble to the 'net. 

	Larry... Seizing this... If you ever find a page where appear the motherboard models of each Pavilion, please tell me.



On Sun, Nov 26, 2000 at 10:18:30AM -0600, Larry Shields wrote:
> Hello List,
> I have a HP Pavilion 8590c, which I have installed Debian 2.2.17 on a 20gb
> hd, not thinking about the modem at the time, I just found out that it is a
> Winmodem...This modem has connections to the cd-rom drive, sound etc, now  I
> would like to know what others if any, are using to replace the Rockwell HCF
> 56K Data Fax modem, to have all of the same connections, or how have you
> reconfigured everything with a different modem and have it work
> correctly...??
> Any information would be appreciated, thanks...
> Larry Shields WD9ESU
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> E-Mail: larrysh@chorus.net
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