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Re: licq & qt2.2.2-0

I believe the data is stored in '.licq' directory in your home directory.
You could just back up the files there and remove the package. After you
install the newer version, you could copy the data back to '.licq'

Seung-woo Nam

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Sent: Sunday, November 26, 2000 2:37 PM
Subject: licq & qt2.2.2-0

>     Greetings,
> I removed all my older qt libs leaving only qt2.2.2-0 on my system.
> Now I want to try to use dselect to get and install licq and the
> xwrapper for it. I have licq gui 0.81 now that I manually installed,
> is there a way I can carefully remove it and then use dselect to do
> a nice install of it? Namely, I wish to keep all my contacts etc.
> The reason I need to update/repair is that I installed newer qt to
> build another package and that seems to break licq, so I can no longer
> do chat, only instant message.
> tia
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