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Re: offtopic - confused about the voodoo 5 development

Peter Jay Salzman wrote:

> 1. is that correct?

yes i believe it is.

> the website also says that glide apps like myth II or UT won't work with the
> voodoo5 driver.  that is NOT ok.  amazingly, it doesn't say if glide support
> is planned for the future.
> 2. is glide support for the voodoo5 planned for the future?

glide 2x i used by Myth II and UT and virtually all other glide
games/apps. the new voodoo does not support glide2x but it runs glide3x
which last i saw not much supports. UT does run on the voodoo5 but you
must use the OpenGL drivers. i dont think glide2x support is planned. if
you don't like it dont use it.

> the website also says that mesa 2.* games, like quake II, won't work with the
> voodoo5 driver.  this is NOT ok either.

i wouldn't be suprised. although i havent researched it myself.

> 3. is this planned for the future?

i dont think so.

> 4. it sounds like just about the only 3d game that will run on the voodoo5 is
>    quake 3.  is that right?

UT will too, as well most any real OpenGL game/app. Quake II i dont
think(could be wrong) had real opengl support, instead it used a special
opengl-like driver to give GL support.

> 5. is there any official or unofficial time frame for the voodoo5 driver to be
>    finished?

not that i've seen.

> 6. 3dfx says it open sourced the specs and drivers for the voodoo 1, 2 and 3.
>    doesn't say anything about the 4 and 5.  are these boards also being open
>    sourced?

while i dont see specs on the voodoo4/5 i see their texture compression
documentation available as well as open sourced X servers and glide for
voodoo 4/5.
> 7. is there a time frame for the beta voodoo3 dri drivers to be finished?
>    i've been reading that they're under development for almost a year now.

id suggest contacting 3dfx or their newsgroups on this one.

i for one do not like the situation with the voodoo4/5 either, but i
also don't like the situation with any of the Nvidia cards, as a result
i am using a voodoo3 2000, and plan to upgrade to a voodoo3 3500 soon,
and don't plan to go beyond that for quite a while. Xfree86 4.0 and
linux 2.4 are not something i am going to use anytime soon. i value a
stable system :)

check news.lokigames.com in the newsgroup loki.games.ut i believe, i
participate there a lot and you can get UT questions answered there
pretty quick(the server is down atm though.)


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