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Modem info needed...???

Hello List,

I have a HP Pavilion 8590c, which I have installed Debian 2.2.17 on a 20gb
hd, not thinking about the modem at the time, I just found out that it is a
Winmodem...This modem has connections to the cd-rom drive, sound etc, now  I
would like to know what others if any, are using to replace the Rockwell HCF
56K Data Fax modem, to have all of the same connections, or how have you
reconfigured everything with a different modem and have it work

Any information would be appreciated, thanks...

Larry Shields WD9ESU
AMPRnet: wd9esu.ampr.org IPaddr
BBS E-Mail: wd9esu@ wd9esu.ampr.org
E-Mail: larrysh@chorus.net

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