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RE: Using PuTTY with an SSH Server

your win2000 desktop is configured with an IP address, right? Let's say it's

connect to your debian box, set DISPLAY to

and it should work.  Note that SSH isn't relevant at this point, you have a
session on your debian box that will then try to open any x-windows programs
on the remote display on your computer.  You may have to fiddle with the
security settings on Exceed, not sure.

I use a similar configuration with windows NT and X-winpro. It works OK.


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From: S.Salman Ahmed [mailto:ssahmed@pathcom.com]
Sent: Saturday, November 25, 2000 9:01 PM
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
Subject: Using PuTTY with an SSH Server

I am using the latest (stable) release of PuTTY on Win2000 Professional
to connect to a Debian server running OpenSSH. I have also installed
Hummingbird Exceed 6.2 on the Win2000 machine.

It seems that PuTTY doesn't support X forwarding. So how do I go about
displaying X clients on my Win2000 desktop which has a working X server
(Exceed) ?

I tried setting $DISPLAY to :0.0 while connected to my Debian server,
but that didn't work ?

I need to figure out how to display X clients on my Win2000 desktop
while being logged into the Debian box using PuTTY.

Thanks for any info.

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT pathcom DOT com

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