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Using PuTTY with an SSH Server

I am using the latest (stable) release of PuTTY on Win2000 Professional
to connect to a Debian server running OpenSSH. I have also installed
Hummingbird Exceed 6.2 on the Win2000 machine.

It seems that PuTTY doesn't support X forwarding. So how do I go about
displaying X clients on my Win2000 desktop which has a working X server
(Exceed) ?

I tried setting $DISPLAY to :0.0 while connected to my Debian server,
but that didn't work ?

I need to figure out how to display X clients on my Win2000 desktop
while being logged into the Debian box using PuTTY. 

Thanks for any info.

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT pathcom DOT com

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