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Re: Using PuTTY with an SSH Server

On Sat, 25 Nov 2000, S.Salman Ahmed wrote:

> I am using the latest (stable) release of PuTTY on Win2000 Professional
> to connect to a Debian server running OpenSSH. I have also installed
> Hummingbird Exceed 6.2 on the Win2000 machine.
> It seems that PuTTY doesn't support X forwarding. So how do I go about
> displaying X clients on my Win2000 desktop which has a working X server
> (Exceed) ?
> I tried setting $DISPLAY to :0.0 while connected to my Debian server,
> but that didn't work ?

:0.0 refers to the Debian server, not to your win2k machine.  Instead,
set $DISPLAY to win2k.machine.name:0

Keep in mind that these connections do NOT got through ssh, so anything
you send through them can be sniffed!  Therefore, don't open an xterm
and su or ssh into another machine if you do things this way!

Damian Menscher
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--==## <menscher@uiuc.edu> www.uiuc.edu/~menscher/ Ofc:(217)333-0038 ##==--
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