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Re: Strange chat / pppd behaviour ... :O --still *not* solved. :(

Obviously Kristian Rink <celestial_spirit@web.de>  thinks that:

> The dialup-scripts were created with standard slink pppconfig-tool and
>are giving the same error for several providers just *sometimes*, meaning
>that there are days we are able to dial up ten, twenty, thirty times
>without those problems, in other days we're experiencing the same error
>for several dozens of times until we finally established a working
>connection, Actually, since this didn't change even after some
>modifications of the /etc/chatscripts files, I am out of ideas to fix
>this... Can anyone help me with this? Especially this line in the logfile
>that I marked in the cut-out is ***very*** suspicious to me, mainly
>because in the chatscripts I couldn't find any command telling chat to
>there send the dialup command again... :///
> Any help or hints would be appreciated, thanks very much in advance...

Hello again, friendly fellow list'ers... :)
Back again with the same old problem (probably someone might remember my
difficulties getting my modem to dial with my 486 slink-and-now-potato -
box). After trying around several times while using all the helpful tips I
recieved here (thanks again, guys!!!), seems it worked for quite some time
but now is worse than ever before, and again I can't figure out what else
to do... Basically, I changed the modem init string, turned off echo,
played around with the AT commands of my modem in any way that seemed
useful to me, without results... So, reading through the modem HOWTO again
and checking my hardware, I see that my old 486 box is only running a
16450 UART which has a 546k / V.90 modem connected to it, and as far as I
read there, this obviously is not the best combination... So, do I have to
expect *problems* with this, or is this old UART just reducing the speed
of my modem connection? Any hints on that? :))

Thanks in advance, everybody, have  a good evening and a good start to
Your new week.. :)
Kind regards,

"There must be in everything a certain spirit, a
 view which like a soul directs the whole..."

 Kristian Rink
 bits  : afterimage@gmx.net
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