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Re: fetchmail not communicating with exim.

* Timmy Douglas <tdouglas@home.com> [231100 17:08]:
> > I'm using *basically* the same configuration (MTA: exim, MDA: procmail, MUA:
> > mutt POP3-GET-MY-MAIL-WHEN-I-NEED-IT-APP-:] : fetchmail).  Maybe I can help?
> i would use iptables to block port 25 from all but localhost,
> @home almost killed me for that. they don't allow any ``servers''
> i think in their aup thing.

I'm working on it.  Just recompiled my kernel the other day to support
firewalling but haven't had time to work on the iptables and other
configuration issues.

@home is way too broad in their description of "server".  I understand
that their intent is to limit bandwidth since it is a shared resource 
but their one-size-fits-all policy is ridiculous.

I must have spent the better part of an hour arguing with them and explaining
that I wasn't a home business and did not need their "@work" services but that
I had some unusual needs as a programmer -- like wanting to run a webserver 
on my own machine for use by myself and a small group of others for
development only!

Before anyone says it, I would have gone DSL but I can't get it where I am...
the switches are setup for it yet.  Sucks.

They would not go for it.  They were especially not helpful after I, point 
blank, told them that their policy only served to conserve bandwidth for 
use by teenagers pirating software, stolen music and porn.  Hmmm...maybe
I shouldn't have told them that, huh?  :)

> > 
> > > Does nay one have any idea a how I can rectify this problem? Also
> > > if fetchmail is not transferring mail to exim where is it putting it?
> > 
> > Again, my understanding is that "fetchmail" does not "put" mail anywhere; it 
> > just makes sure that mail it is grabbing is placed into the SMTP stream for
> > exim to pick up.
> > 6.  Do you have procmail set up?  Are you using a .procmailrc file?  
> > 
> >     If you use procmail, which many mutt users do for filtering and 
> >     distributing email, exim will use the rules (procmail calls them
> >     "recipes") in .procmailrc for handling your mail.
> > 
> > 7.  Setting up mutt is a whole 'nuther situation...let's get you through
> >     retrieving your mail from the server, then we can worry about mutt.
> you can set up mutt to use pop3 even though the
> pop3 support isn't great---but it might save
> you the trouble from getting fetchmail to work.

Mutt does have pop3 support, but it isn't very good.  I actually found it
surprisingly easy to set up fetchmail.  I think the issue may be a faulty
exim configuration here.

rob.jacobs (r.a.jacobs@home.com)
~no witty sig required~

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