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Re: fetchmail not communicating with exim.

> I'm using *basically* the same configuration (MTA: exim, MDA: procmail, MUA:
> mutt POP3-GET-MY-MAIL-WHEN-I-NEED-IT-APP-:] : fetchmail).  Maybe I can help?

i would use iptables to block port 25 from all but localhost,
@home almost killed me for that. they don't allow any ``servers''
i think in their aup thing.

> > Does nay one have any idea a how I can rectify this problem? Also
> > if fetchmail is not transferring mail to exim where is it putting it?
> Again, my understanding is that "fetchmail" does not "put" mail anywhere; it 
> just makes sure that mail it is grabbing is placed into the SMTP stream for
> exim to pick up.

> 6.  Do you have procmail set up?  Are you using a .procmailrc file?  
>     If you use procmail, which many mutt users do for filtering and 
>     distributing email, exim will use the rules (procmail calls them
>     "recipes") in .procmailrc for handling your mail.
> 7.  Setting up mutt is a whole 'nuther situation...let's get you through
>     retrieving your mail from the server, then we can worry about mutt.

you can set up mutt to use pop3 even though the
pop3 support isn't great---but it might save
you the trouble from getting fetchmail to work.

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