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Re: fetchmail not communicating with exim.

* John-Mark <jmj@event-horizon.org> [231100 09:38]:
> Hello all
> I have been battling with exim, fetchmail and mutt now for what seems like
> eons! 

I'm using *basically* the same configuration (MTA: exim, MDA: procmail, MUA:
mutt POP3-GET-MY-MAIL-WHEN-I-NEED-IT-APP-:] : fetchmail).  Maybe I can help?

> However when trying to
> connect receive mail from my remote server fetchmail does not seem to be
> passing the mail to exim and  therefore I am receiving no mail in the jmj
> mail box.

My understanding of fetchmail is that it does not really "hand" mail over to
exim; it injects mail into the SMTP stream heading to exim.  Fetchmail is 
really a separate application from the rest of your mail setup.

> Does nay one have any idea a how I can rectify this problem? Also
> if fetchmail is not transferring mail to exim where is it putting it?

Again, my understanding is that "fetchmail" does not "put" mail anywhere; it 
just makes sure that mail it is grabbing is placed into the SMTP stream for
exim to pick up.

I do not know how much experience you have, etc., etc. so I'm going to ask you
to answer a few "newbie" questions  (besides, as a programmer, I've found that
it always helps to "run the checklist" from time to time :) )

1.  Do you have a mailbox in /var/spool/mail/<user>

    I'm pretty sure that exim, by default, delivers mail to 
    /var/spool/mail/<user>.  Verify you have a local mailbox.

2.  Are you using a smarthost (i.e. you chose option 2 when setting up 
    eximconfig)?  If not, what options did you choose?

3.  What is your local_hosts variable set to in /etc/exim.conf?  
    I had a goofy problem here; I set my local_hosts var to home.com (the 
    domain my email address is part of) and then could not get any mail out to
    user's with the same domain because my system thought it was the mailserver
    for them! Doh!

4.  Could you show me/us what your .fetchmailrc file looks like.  Don't forget
    to hide your password when you do!  

5.  Is you .fetchmailrc file permissions set to 600 
    (i.e. chmod 600 .fetchmailrc)

6.  Do you have procmail set up?  Are you using a .procmailrc file?  

    If you use procmail, which many mutt users do for filtering and 
    distributing email, exim will use the rules (procmail calls them
    "recipes") in .procmailrc for handling your mail.

7.  Setting up mutt is a whole 'nuther situation...let's get you through
    retrieving your mail from the server, then we can worry about mutt.

rob.jacobs <r.a.jacobs@home.com>
~no witty sig required~

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