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Converting to SCSI. HELP!!!

    Here's a question for all you SCSI lovers and fanatics out there.  When my friends and I have LAN parties I usually am: 1, the only linux user so I'm often the butt of other people's jokes (especially when things don't work right . . . :(  and 2, I'm also usually the file sharing server.  However, when everyone's uploading/downloading to/from me, I experience major system lag and if do anything (even simple command prompt stuff) there upload/download time increases a lot.  Once again, this is another their poke-fun-at-the-linux-user jokes.
    SO, being the all powerful linux user that I am, have decided to start using SCSI.  I am under the assumption that SCSI will help.  If I am wrong. . . well I don't exactly have money spurting out my ears ( I bag groceries ), please tell me that I'm wrong.
    SO, here's all of my questions:
    What kind of hard drive should I get?  I'm looking at IBM drives (18.2 gig for the shared drive, 9.1 for the system drive), but they're a little bit on the expensive side.  I would like somewhere around 15 MB/s transfer rates (enough for my system and enough for the LAN card's 12.5 MB/s).
    What kind of SCSI card should I get?  I'm looking at an Adaptec 2930U2.  You may think I'm crazy for having a 80 MB/s card, but I figure that I, as a server/workstation, won't need to upgrade it soon and I won't mind paying the extra $20.
    Also, I'm planning on getting a Plextor 12x4x32.  Good choice right?  Hey, I figure why not.  It's the same price as buying an IDE (around where I live) and it's cheaper than an 18.2 IBM hard drive.
    Brandt Dusthimer

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