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protocol-reject when sending attachments

This message seems to occur only when I send messages with attachments,
and I am not sure it occurs every time I send an attachment.  "protocol
reject for unsupported protocol 0x41".  Actually, the numbers vary but
this is the form of the message.  As far as I know, the messages and
attachments are being sent but I haven't been able to verify that
yet.  Also, very interestingly but perhaps not related:  I almost
unfailingly get disconnected from my isp after 4 hours--it's usually
connect time 239. something minutes.  This may have to do with something
my isp has set up but it didn't happen before I started using debian.  The
protocol-reject message is new also since AI started debian.  Can anybody
shed some light on either of these problems, but especially the
protocol-reject one?  It also takes quite a while to send out a message
wi an attachment, varying of course according to the size of the

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