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Re: Quake 3 ran, I upgraded. . . Well, It doesn't run any more

    Well, like I said, there aren't any other GL stuffs ( other than the
NVidia stuffs that is) on my box.  I was running Quake 3 fine and dandy (and
everything else too) with Woody and the NVidia stuffs before.  Then, since
for some reason I had to remake the NVidia driver everytime I booted up, I
decided to upgrade to the most recent version of Woody.  Ouch. . . it kind
of broke my box.  I've fixed a lot of the stuff, but there are still some
things that aren't quite working yet.  For example, Quake 3.  Also, right
now only root can use the Emu10k1 (sound) driver.  Can't play any sounds
with any other user.
    For further information, I cannot start X with the NVdriver driver.  I
checked the log and the only error I could find was that it could not load
GLcore.  I did install (and re-installed) the drivers and X still won't
    Any help with any of the above problems would be appreciated.


    Brandt Dusthimer

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Subject: Re: Quake 3 ran, I upgraded. . . Well, It doesn't run any more

> >Okay.  I decided to upgrade to the most recent version of woody.  Good =
> >Idea?  Of course.  Everything works . . . except Quake 3 (deja vu!).  =
> >I've got this down to an art now.  I know that for some reason X isn't =
> >finding the libGLcore.so.1.0.5 (or what ever it is) file and therefore =
> >fails to load when I use the NVdriver driver.  ???  Can somebody help =
> >me?  Do you think it has something to do with the symbolic links not =
> >going into /usr/lib/? (I ran ldconfig)
> >    I checked.  There aren't any other types of GL stuffs on my system.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Brandt Dusthimer (Who will no longer upgrade on a regular basis if =
> >everything is functional like it was)
> I haven't seen any replies yet, so, here we go...
> Upon upgrading to Woody, XF4.0 should've installed. This uses new GL
drivers and
> such. So, if you installed any GL drivers in the Quake3 install (it's one
of the
> options) remove them as they are not compatible with XF4. The old lstuff
> be in /usr/local/games/quake3/?.
> For me, I have a Voodoo Banshee. I first upgraded to XF4 and then
> Quake3 after that. During the install, I did NOT select the option to
> the GL drivers. Suprisingly (as something usually goes wrong), Quake3
started up
> with no problems. I was very pleased:)
> If you still have problems, make sure that 3d apps work in general, then
> to Quake3. Also, IIFC, there is a flag you can pass when starting Quake3
> specifiy which library to use. Hope this helps.
> Scott
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