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afterstep and saved states in potato

Howdy folks,

I compiled AfterStep 1.6.10 on a slink machine a while back and really
enjoyed the 'saved state' feature that would return all my apps the way
they were before I quit X after loggin out via aftersteps script (the
button in the wharf).

Now I have a potato system (fully updated) with the same version of
afterstep only from the deb package rather than from source.  The configs
have the same line in the autoboot file specifying to read the 'saved
state' file, but this file is always empty.  From comments in the docs it
appears this feature is a compile time option.  Does anyone know why it
doesn't work?  would it have been compiled out as a feature and yet
configured to read this file at startup anyway?  doesn't make much sense,
but then again neither do I...


"If windows is the solution, can we have the problem back please?"

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