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Re: Oracle bI 2nd request

On Mon Nov 20 13:49:52 2000 Jason Holland wrote...
>Hi Stan,
>  you don't need anything extra to install Oracle 8i in Debian.  java comes
>with oracle, you need no extra java packages.  If your not building a
>production machine, 64MB would probably work, but I would not run X at the
>same time, otherwise, go with 128MB.  Hope this helps

	Cool. thnaks.

	I would have sworn somewhere that I had seen that the Oracle installer required
	a particular JRE, Blcakdown I think.

	In any case, I will plow on ahead, and see how it goes.

	I pretty much _have_ to run X to isntall, since the Oracle installer is an X
	app. BTW we are both talking about *I, right? Not not just Oracle 8 which does
	not use the Java based installer.

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