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RE: Oracle bI 2nd request

Hi Stan,
  you don't need anything extra to install Oracle 8i in Debian.  java comes
with oracle, you need no extra java packages.  If your not building a
production machine, 64MB would probably work, but I would not run X at the
same time, otherwise, go with 128MB.  Hope this helps


> 	I posted yesterday, and unfortunately, have recieved no replies.
> 	I have a fresh potato install, and wish to install Oracle 8I on it.
> 	Most of the information I have is for RedGAt.
> 	has anyone made this work on Debian? If so, whatr do I need to use
> 	this, other than the base install with working X & Gnome?
> 	For instance I am totaly unfamiliar with Java, yet I know the Oracle
> 	installer is Java based. What packages do I need to add to
> allow this
> 	to work?
> 	Also Oracle seems to recomend a minimum of 128M RAM. I really am not
> 	building a production machine, and I have Oracle runing on
> 	boxes with this amount of RAM. Surely I can't really need
> that much for
> 	just a small test instance?
> 	Anyone who has this working, I would love to hear from you.
> 	Thanks.
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