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Re: Oracle bI 2nd request

On Mon Nov 20 12:47:33 2000 Stan Kaufman wrote...
>Stan Brown wrote:
>>         I posted yesterday, and unfortunately, have recieved no replies.
>>         I have a fresh potato install, and wish to install Oracle 8I on it.
>>         Most of the information I have is for RedGAt.
>>         has anyone made this work on Debian? If so, whatr do I need to use
>>         this, other than the base install with working X & Gnome?
>>         For instance I am totaly unfamiliar with Java, yet I know the Oracle
>>         installer is Java based. What packages do I need to add to allow this
>>         to work?
>The current 8i (8.1.6) distribution has the necessary Java JDK bundled
>with it. If you have an earlier version, you should get the current one.
>You should join the Oracle Technology Network (it's free); there are
>lots of resources there including discussion groups that will answer all
>your questions. See http://technet.oracle.com/

	Thansk, I will look inot that. And yes it's 8.1.6
>>         Also Oracle seems to recomend a minimum of 128M RAM. I really am not
>>         building a production machine, and I have Oracle runing on HP PA=RUSC
>>         boxes with this amount of RAM. Surely I can't really need that much for
>>         just a small test instance?
>The installer checks your memory and aborts if there's not enough. And
>128MB is what you need free *after* your system loads, not just the
>total physical RAM on your machine. So in fact, you need more than that.
>If you're just experimenting, you should consider Postgres. It is free
>(as opposed to Oracle which will cost you *big bucks* to deploy a
>system) and is a great RDBMS. And it has been debianized so installing
>it is effortless.

	Tahnks, I am already a Postgresql user. It is indeed wonderful. But what I am
	trying to do here is set up a machine to run a tiny Oracle instance, and most
	importantly to allow me to run SQLPlus on using SQLNet to access an existing
	failry major Oracle instance I support. 

	Is it possible to install just the client parts? If so can I do that in less
	than 128MB? The machien I am planing on using does not even have enough slots
	to plug in that much memory! P133 HP Vectra VL$ BTW.
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