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Re: tripwire license/debian status Was: IDS

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On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 11:22:57PM -0500, Mike wrote:
> Federico Grau wrote:
> > Whats the debian perspective on tripwire... 
> > 
> > I see there is a non-free package "tripwire 1.2-16.1", however the
> > tripwire.org FAQ ( http://www.tripwire.org/qanda/faq.php quetion 16) says that
> > the linux version of tripwire is released under the gpl (can they release
> > under the gpl and restrict that license to linux?!).
> > 
> > Is debian planning on using this and including it in the distro?
> It's in woody.
> Note that the package is in the non-free section.

No, this is the wrong version.  Here's the history if tripwire.
Originally it was developed at CMU (?) and released under a semi-free
license.  This is the version that appears in woody, and it's *ancient*.
It was released in late '92.  Then the tripwire authors formed a company
released a closed-source version.  This is the only version that's been
updated over the years, and is an entirely different product than the
original tripwire.  Recently, tripwire 2.3, the closed-sourced version,
was re-released under the GPL.

There is no reason that this shouldn't be packaged for Debian.  I have
contacted the maintainer of the currently included tripwire version to
ask if they plan on packaging the new version, but haven't received a 
response.  I'm not sure what their status is, as they didn't respond to
a bug report I submitted a while back either.

If they don't respond, then I will package tripwire 2.3 myself.  I've
been using it on Debian (potato and woody) in recent weeks and have a
solid idea on what it would take to package it.


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