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Re: alsactl problem

Joey Hess posts:

> Philipp Schulte wrote:
> > Try if there is a script called "snddevices" 
> There is no script with that name in all of debian.

UR wrong.  The script is hiding inside the source deb'ed
pack 'alsa-source_0.5.9d-4_all.deb'.  Untar the resultant
'alsa-driver.tar.gz ' which U can find in UR /usr/src.

> I am more interested in how this is supposed to work with
> the debian packages

I too was.  It is all done in a pucca way.  The maintainer
Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org> has done a great job in
packaging this.

> and why they do not do it automatically. I suspect it is a 
> bug.

No, Joey..it's not a bug.  Masato has packaged the source very
clue-fully integrating the install of the same with 'debconf'.
One can choose the sound card immediately once the .deb 
package gets installed.  Do not forget to read the 
'README.Debian.gz' inside '/usr/share/doc/alsa-source'.  
Generating the modules is a breeze 'coz only the relevant ones 
for the card U have are compiled. Just see how easy the 
process is with 'make-kpkg' !!

'make-kpkg' is got from the package 'kernel-package_xx.deb'.

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