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tripwire license/debian status Was: IDS

Whats the debian perspective on tripwire... 

I see there is a non-free package "tripwire 1.2-16.1", however the
tripwire.org FAQ ( http://www.tripwire.org/qanda/faq.php quetion 16) says that
the linux version of tripwire is released under the gpl (can they release
under the gpl and restrict that license to linux?!).

Is debian planning on using this and including it in the distro?


On Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 10:19:09AM -0800, Adam Shand wrote:
> > > I'm looking for recommendations for an Intrusion Detection system for my
> > > firewall. Preferably a debian package  but not restricted to.
> >
> > Try aide  http://packages.debian.org/unstable/admin/aide.html.
> aide or tripwire will both do host based intrusion detection.  if you want
> network intrusion detection try snort.  there is a debian package and
> there are lots of pre-written rules to detect attacks on snorts web site.  
> it's also being very actively developed.
> adam.
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