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Re: new installation

john gennard <joney@clara.co.uk> writes:

> I've put together another box with items left over from upgrades plus
> a new 10.2G IDE hard drive. So far I've only installed Debian on
> boxes already having a running system (originally W95 and later just
> DOS 6.22 which I find easy to start with). This time I thought I would  
> try installing Debian from scratch.
> I assumed that after the BIOS setup, I would have a functioning
> floppy drive and could use one of the floppy images to give me basic
> files and then install from my Potato CD's. Unfortunately, the only
> one on the CD's is a 2.8Mb 'rescue.bin' (? combined rescue and root). 
> Can I use the 'split' command to make two floppies - I would have
> thought it too chancy for something so critical? Alternatively, am I
> going about things completely wrong?
> Grateful for any help.                John.

Let's see,  my current machine  arrived completely naked, I  think the
way I dealt with it was by downloading a bunch of 1.44MB floppy images from
www.debian.org. Once  I had a basic  system, I used my backups (on Iomega
ZIP100  disks)  to  restore  my  original setup.  I  can't  wholeheartedly
recommend this last step, however, because it was a pain. 

Alternatively, maybe you can install directly from the CD's? 


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