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Can't get ISDN MPPP working [sigh]

After much struggle I've got myself a nicely working 64k connection,
but like very many before me MPPP has me beat!  I found the ISDNUTILS
scripts and docs impenetrable, and came up with scripts based on a
couple of HOWTOs I came across.

This is my script to configure the connection:


 /sbin/isdnctrl verbose 3
 /sbin/isdnctrl system on

 /sbin/isdnctrl addif ippp0
 /sbin/isdnctrl eaz ippp0 $MYMSN
 /sbin/isdnctrl addphone ippp0 out $REMMSN
 /sbin/isdnctrl huptimeout ippp0 90
 /sbin/isdnctrl l2_prot ippp0 hdlc
 /sbin/isdnctrl l3_prot ippp0 trans
 /sbin/isdnctrl encap ippp0 syncppp
 /sbin/isdnctrl dialmode ippp0 auto

 /sbin/isdnctrl addslave ippp0 ippp1
 /sbin/isdnctrl pppbind ippp1 1
 /sbin/isdnctrl eaz ippp1 $MYMSN
 /sbin/isdnctrl addphone ippp1 out $REMMSN
 /sbin/isdnctrl huptimeout ippp1 90
 /sbin/isdnctrl l2_prot ippp1 hdlc
 /sbin/isdnctrl l3_prot ippp1 trans
 /sbin/isdnctrl encap ippp1 syncppp
 /sbin/isdnctrl dialmode ippp1 auto

 /sbin/ifconfig ippp0 $MYIP pointopoint $REMIP

 /sbin/route add default netmask 0 ippp0
 /sbin/ifconfig ippp0 -arp -broadcast

 /sbin/ipppd user $MYUSER remotename $REMNAME \
    $MYIP:$REMIP name $MYUSER                    \
    -detach mru 1500 mtu 1500 lcp-restart 1 +mp debug \
    /dev/ippp0 /dev/ippp1 &

To dial I issue:

 isdnctrl dial ippp0
 isdnctrl addlink ippp0

Both channels dial and connect, the problem lies when the slave
receives the IP from the host, it terminates with a "sifaddr failed"
error.  The debug trace shows the master successfully negotiated MPPP.

I figure this means "set interface address" and refers to the fact
that since I have a static IP it's trying to set interface ippp1 to
the same IP as the master on ippp0.

I'm tried reading and re-reading HOWTOs, READMEs etc <sigh>, can
someone point out where I've gone wrong?  It seems to me that I'm
"that close" to getting it going.

Robin Collins

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