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new installation

I've put together another box with items left over from upgrades plus
a new 10.2G IDE hard drive. So far I've only installed Debian on
boxes already having a running system (originally W95 and later just
DOS 6.22 which I find easy to start with). This time I thought I would  
try installing Debian from scratch.

I assumed that after the BIOS setup, I would have a functioning
floppy drive and could use one of the floppy images to give me basic
files and then install from my Potato CD's. Unfortunately, the only
one on the CD's is a 2.8Mb 'rescue.bin' (? combined rescue and root). 

Can I use the 'split' command to make two floppies - I would have
thought it too chancy for something so critical? Alternatively, am I
going about things completely wrong?

Grateful for any help.                John.

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