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Re: exim trouble

on Fri, Nov 17, 2000 at 06:36:58PM -0600, Russ Cook (russcook@flash.net) wrote:
> I am no longer able to receive mail from my ISP.  This is a sudden
> occurence, and due to no intentional action on my part.  I'm attaching
> the mainlog file in the hope that someone can give me some advice 
> regarding what to check.  Exim is running as a daemon.
> mainlog>
> 2000-11-17 18:28:12 unexpected disconnection while reading SMTP data from localhost []
> I'll check the mailing list archives to see if this message finds its way
> to the list.  (My browser works)

Are you receiving mail via exim or another mechanism such as fetchmail?

Is your mail daemon running or /etc/inetd.conf configured to allow exim
(note latter is deprecated).

Have you filled your /home or /var/spool partition(s)?

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