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Re: HELP!!!

On Sat, Nov 18, 2000 at 06:32:20PM -0500, urbanyon wrote:

> Fast Ethernet PCI Network Interface Card, Model # 3CSOHO100-TX.
> i downloaded what i think is the same driver (3c90x), but the thing is, it
> comes as a tar file, and when i move it (via floppy) from my windows
> machine to the linux box, the filename truncates.  of course, i could
> just download the driver directly to the linux machine, BUT I CAN'T GET 
> THE CARD INSTALLED!  any way around that?

    You can rename the file with mv. Or you can make sure you mount the floppy
as filesystem vfat, so that it supports win95 long filenames. The name is
irrelevant anyway. If it's a tarfile, you can untar it. 

    mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /floppy

    or something like that, to mount the floppy at /floppy. 

    cat /etc/mtab to see what's mounted, and as what. You should have full
win95 filename support. 

    Once you build the driver, if it's the correct driver the rest should be
fairly simple. 

    BTW, there's a few there with the 3c prefix...

[msoulier@lupus msoulier]$ ls /lib/modules/2.2.17/net/3c*
/lib/modules/2.2.17/net/3c501.o  /lib/modules/2.2.17/net/3c515.o
/lib/modules/2.2.17/net/3c503.o  /lib/modules/2.2.17/net/3c523.o
/lib/modules/2.2.17/net/3c505.o  /lib/modules/2.2.17/net/3c527.o
/lib/modules/2.2.17/net/3c507.o  /lib/modules/2.2.17/net/3c59x.o

    Not the same as the one you downloaded, but one might be compatible. 

    man modprobe
    man depmod

    When you install yours, do a depmod -a to rebuild the dependencies file,
and then modprobe <name> should load it. Then try that ifconfig -a again and
see if you've got a card. 
    ...or do you have to reboot first? Probably not. That's mostly a winblows


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