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Re: HELP!!!


you're in a world of hurt with DSL and I feel your pain :)

I have some user space hacks to get PPPoE to work (this is what most
ISP around the US use), if you need this email me directly and I will
forward it off the list so as not to suck up everyone's band width.

Note if your ISP is using PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) encapsulation you
cannot just configure your ethernet card and go, infact your ethernet
card needs *not* to have any IP info configured, but that comes later.

First things second:

bash$ /sbin/ifconfig -a

if you see something like:
eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:A0:C9:06:30:9B  
	  <bunch of stuff>

You're in buisiness with the card, if not `man modconf`, modconf is a
utility for dealing with kernel modules like the ethernet drivers.

good luck,

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