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Re: How to change imwheelrc to scroll with mozilla line by line ?

Damon Muller wrote:

> Quoth Michael Meding,
> > mozilla keeps scrolling a page up or down even after adding a mozilla
> > section in the imwheelrc (exactly like the navigator section) and then
> > changing Page_Up and Page_Down to just Up and Donw respectively.
> I have found that the best solution to this is simply turning imwheel
> off. I'm using Helix Gnome and recent mozilla nightlies on potato, and
> pretty much everything (gnome-terminal, Eterms, most apps, etc.) are now
> wheel-aware. After having turned imwheel off, the only thing that no
> longer works for me with the wheel is old (4.x) netscapes.
> It's probably not the solution you were after, but it works for me.

To use the wheel in Netscape 4.x i've added this .Xdefault in my home dir and
added "xrdb -merge $HOME/.Xdefaults" in my .xsession file.

Pressing the SHIFT and CTRL key change the scroll speed, and using ALT you go
back and forth with the page history...

With the included Xdefault you can use the wheel to scroll the output of an
x-term too...


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