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Re: url forward

Sebastiaan <sebas@jon00793.speed.planet.nl> wrote:
>I am new to domain name servers, so I may ask stupid questions, but I hope
>someone can help me. I have just set up a nameserver which works fine. 
>Now I want to forward my www to my internet provider, but there is a
>slight problem. My page does not have an ip, but is in fact a directory on
>the server of my provider. This is my situation:
>/etc/bind/db.dorpsnet contains the lines:
>local	A
>www	A
>so when I acces www.dorpsnet.nl (local name) I succesfully reach the
>provider's home page. But unfortunately, my homepage is at
>Can you give me a hint or some tips how to manage this? Can this be done
>with DNS, or do I have to install another package?

You can't do this with DNS alone; your provider needs to run a virtual
host for you. Whenever any HTTP/1.1 client (or HTTP/1.0 client with
Netscape extensions, the two of which combined form the vast majority of
even vaguely recent browsers) sends a request for one of your pages, it
sends the HTTP header "Host: www.dorpsnet.nl". Your provider's web
server then needs to recognize that and send them back pages from the
directory ~sebas.

This should be trivial for a provider who knows anything at all about
web hosting.

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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