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Re: not breaking the "sources"

On Sat, Nov 18, 2000 at 02:02:27PM +0100, Tomas Sanchez wrote:
> Hi!
> I would like to install wxPython htat is available in woody, but not in potato. Last time I tried to download something thru dselect I broke my sources file.
> My main sources are a 3cd set and this broke last time when I trid to update the packages files.
> My q is:
> How do I get wxPython, and realted, into my box without breaking the packages files? Do I have to download all the packages one by one, I think not but how else?
> This q might completely confused/confusing but I'm a newbie to using dselect (and I suppose you'll tell me to use apt, but that tool I never tried)
Download the source, the (.orig.tar.gz, .dsc and .diff.gz file of the package) by hand or thru apt-get source, unpack with dpkg-source -x package.dsc and build (probably ./debian/rules binary iirc, correct me if i am wrong)
this will link it to the correct libc version. you possibly need to do the same with some libs it depends on not available in potato (or too old)
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You did what to the floppy???

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