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Help getting PS/2 mouse working, please

	I'm just installing Debian (Potato) after a long absence from the Linux/Debian

	The machine I am presently installing it on is a clone, and has a bit of wierd
	hardware. The mose's PS/2 card for instance is on an add in card, the serial
	and parallel ports (at least it appears to be from outside).

	How can I test and make certain it is working, and get it configured corectly
	so that it works in console mde, and passes data on through to the X server?

	dmesg reveals that a PS/2 mouse port is detected at boot time.

	Thnaks for the help, and I must say that the Debian install procedure seems
	_much_ nicer than the last time I used it!

Stan Brown     stanb@awod.com                                    843-745-3154
Charleston SC.
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