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can't send with mutt and exim

I posted earlier but have some more to add.  I'm trying to send mail
with mutt through exim from my debian box through my openbsd box
(firewall NAT).  This is the message I get in the log when I try to
send mail to my self at my isp (x.y.f@home.com).

2000-11-18 00:56:56 13x1vk-0000IX-00 <= kent@home.com U=kent P=local
S=415 id=20001118005656.A1144@home.com
2000-11-18 00:56:56 13x1vk-0000IX-00 ** x.y.f@home.com: unknown
local-part "x.y.f" in domain "home.com"


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