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Synchronizing the files on two machines

>>>>> "Christophe" == Christophe TROESTLER <debian00@tiscalinet.be> writes:

    Christophe> Hello,
    Christophe> I would like to be able to synchronize the *certain* files on two
    Christophe> machines that are *not* directly connected to each other.

    Christophe> More precisely, I have to transfer data daily between two machines and
    Christophe> the only convenient way to do that is through floppies (ZIP /
    Christophe> rewritable CDs).  Do you know a program that would keep a set of
    Christophe> files/dirs (with recursion but with possible exception of some
    Christophe> subdirectories and files given by regexps) synchronized on the two
    Christophe> machines.  That means in particular that files/dirs created/deleted on
    Christophe> some host should be having the same treatment on the other host.
    Christophe> Preservation of permissions and uid/gid is important (with provision
    Christophe> if the numeric uid/gid differ for a given symbolic uid/gid on the two
    Christophe> machines ?).  Ideally, it would keep a backup copy on the floppy (in
    Christophe> case I do something really wrong!).  It would also detect if a file
    Christophe> has been modified on the two machines and prompt for what to do.  If
    Christophe> the first disk is full, it should be able to `span' the data on other
    Christophe> ones.  A report of every session would be nice.

    I haven't pondered on the details of your problem very much, but
it seems to me that rdist(1) is your friend.


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