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Re: is possible mp3?

Of course, mp3 is a lossy format. So, every time you re-compress the mp3 it will
sound a little worse. However, since mp3's sound pretty good to start with, one
re-compression shouldn't sound much different:)

A better solution would be to squeeze the audio directly into the file. I don't
know if such a solution exists though, or is even possible.


>  You can decode the MP3 to WAV format (can be done using mpg123 -w), and
>use your favorite WAV editor (waveforge, xwave, sweep) to layer in your
>  I've never done any editing or mixing with the available Linux
>utilities, so I can' thelp you with specifics. Abstractly speaking, I
>would send the decoded WAV through a channel, send the layer you'd like to
>add through another channel, mix the two channels, and output them to a
>On Fri, 17 Nov 2000, Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:
>>     Hello,
>> Is it possible to add content to an exsisting mp3? I would
>> like to take a particular track and add an voice identifier
>> to it.. If so, what utility would I use to edit/create mp3's?
>> tia, regards
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