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Re: Netscape 6.0

At Fri, 17 Nov 2000 14:44:05 +0100 , Daniel Borgmann <danny@witzenet.de> wrote: 

>> > My experience was that Mozilla M18 was not nearly as stable as
>> > Netscape 4.75 and I removed it from my system.
>> i have found its certainly more of a pig, and its interface is very
>> sluggish, it does tend to be less stable too, but only for certain
>> sites.  i think for most people sticking with netscape 4.75 is
>> probably the best thing for now.
>the stability is ok for a beta software, but it's far too slow, cause it 
>loads an entire new operating system... this may be nice, but in the moment i 
>would only like to use the nice gecko engine for compatibility tests and some 
>sites that can't be rendered properly with khtml.
>getting used to konqueror, i don't like the slow mozilla interface any more. 
>i tried galeon but it didn't fit my needs. i heared of skipstone and really 
>really want to try it. but unfortunatly there is only a woody version :(
>is there any way to get skipstone for a potato system?
>> having said that, netscape 6 is still far worse then mozilla, don't be
>> fooled by AOL/Netscape calling it `final gold release'.
Yes netscape 6 is definitely slow. People having the bandwidth anf feeling adventorous may be better of downloading a recent nightly of mozilla(post M18). It is definitely faster and a lot stabler and gives the appearence that the developers are doing a good job at tweaking it. 
An even better proposition will be to use something like Galeon which uses the gecko rendering engine but is not as bulky as mozilla. Works great for me for light duty web browsing. For other work back to Netscape 4.75. :)


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