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installing netscape

I've searched for "netscape" and "install netscape" in the archives and
I'm not coming up with anything that will help me.  I also looked for
"netscape 6.0."  I installed a package called "netscape-base" that I can't
find any docs for and don't know what it does.  I tried useing the install
program for 6.0 that I got off the netscape ftp server.  It craps out with
- "error in looking for shared libraries libstdc++-lib6.1-1.so.2."  I
looked for a 4.0 version of Netscape and can't find it yet.  Found
communicator but I don't want that.  

Has anyone installed 6.0 on Potato yet?  If so how?  Could someone give me
pointers on how to install a 4.0 version and where to find them?

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