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Re: installing netscape

<kbrede@oz.lib.unomaha.edu> writes:

> I've searched for "netscape" and "install netscape" in the archives and
> I'm not coming up with anything that will help me.  I also looked for
> "netscape 6.0."  I installed a package called "netscape-base" that I can't
> find any docs for and don't know what it does.  I tried useing the install
> program for 6.0 that I got off the netscape ftp server.  It craps out with
> - "error in looking for shared libraries libstdc++-lib6.1-1.so.2."  I
> looked for a 4.0 version of Netscape and can't find it yet.  Found
> communicator but I don't want that.  

If you want Netscape 4, do "apt-get install navigator".  The navigator package
is a meta package that depends on all the real netscape packages.

> Has anyone installed 6.0 on Potato yet?  If so how?  Could someone give me
> pointers on how to install a 4.0 version and where to find them?

This is just my opinion, bit you should install Mozilla instead of Netscape 6.
The mozilla packages were added to potato recently.  Do "apt-get install
mozilla".  You can also try the nightly builds - just download the tarball,
untar it to some directory, and run it from there.  Generally, the nightlies
are better than the latest milestone release, and should be better than
Netscape 6.


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