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Re: installing netscape

1) mozilla is virtually indistinguishable from netscape 6 (in fact, early
versions of netscape6 installed as mozilla plus a link to the name

2) Netscape 4 is referred to by its minor number--I did a dpkg -l|grep
netscape and got

ii  netscape       4.75-2         Meta package that depends on other packages
ii  netscape-base- 4.75-2         Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (bas
ii  netscape-base- 4.75-2         4.75 base support for netscape
ii  netscape-java- 4.75-2         Netscape Java support for version 4.75        

apt-get install netscape  should do the trick, IIRC

the actual binaries in my case were in the communicator packages:

ii  communicator   4.75-2         Meta package that depends on other packages
ii  communicator-b 4.75-2         Communicator base support for version 4.75
ii  communicator-s 4.75-2         Netscape Communicator 4.75 (static Motif)   

There's also the navigator packages if you really don't want all the
cruft: I took it all b/c my GF was complaining that I didn't have netscape
on my machine (I use konqueror and mozilla) and I just didn't want to be
bothered with the issue any more.

apt-get install navigator should do the trick

3) It looks as if there is no netscape 6 package ATM--if it's that
important to you, submit a wishlist but to the netscape maintainer or
wnpp, otherwise, just use mozilla and netscape4.  Perhaps you could
apt-get install mozilla and install the netscape6 from their website,
since they're so similar that if you have the dependencies for one, you
will have the dependencies for the other.

HTH and sorry I couldn't do better...

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000 kbrede@oz.lib.unomaha.edu wrote:

> I've searched for "netscape" and "install netscape" in the archives and
> I'm not coming up with anything that will help me.  I also looked for
> "netscape 6.0."  I installed a package called "netscape-base" that I can't
> find any docs for and don't know what it does.  I tried useing the install
> program for 6.0 that I got off the netscape ftp server.  It craps out with
> - "error in looking for shared libraries libstdc++-lib6.1-1.so.2."  I
> looked for a 4.0 version of Netscape and can't find it yet.  Found
> communicator but I don't want that.  
> Has anyone installed 6.0 on Potato yet?  If so how?  Could someone give me
> pointers on how to install a 4.0 version and where to find them?
> Thanks,
> kent

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